A journey along 50 years

For over thirty years the company has been run by my father Elio and my uncle Antonio. From that "special" export experience in Germany, the two inseparable Monti brothers understood that this would be the road to follow. They worked a great deal on various tasks: they built the new winery on the top of Pignotto hill where it is still today, they planted vineyards on all the land owned by the family, but above all, immediately, they decided that the Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Monti, the one with the head of the dog, had to be the top, like the one always made in the family and for the family, always tied to tradition, always respectful of the territory from which it came and of which it wanted to be fruit and synthesis.


In 2002 I took over the company from my father Elio who, after decades of passionate and extraordinary work, left us. I wanted to continue in the wake of his teachings even after my uncle Antonio passed away and I acquired the full ownership of the company. Since 1999 our company has used the advice of prominent professionals such as Dr. Riccardo Cotarella who "forged" the first bottle of Pignotto, immediately an undisputed success starting with Robert Parker's 94/100. But ours has always continued to be a family business or rather a family that produces wines. Also my husband Mirko, infact, was infected with this passion and has left his mark on our company too. With him we opened up more to communication and we realized that in addition to making an excellent wine we had to commit ourselves to communicate it. Unforgettable, even now that he left us prematurely, his tastings during "Cantine Aperte". Profitable his travels to the United States, visiting New York, Chicago, Washington, Ocean City.

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